Each site must have its own domain name and server. However, the number of good hosting providers is so large that the user can easily get confused when choosing the best and choose a very suboptimal option. In most cases, hoster ratings, which are published on different sites, are made taking into account user feedback. This is a very acceptable criterion, but do not forget that they may not always be true. Our campaign is ready to present a rating of hosting in Ukraine, which was compiled taking into account the main criteria of their convenience and practicality of use – the server’s uptime, its performance and quality. About such parameters as cost, the volume of space on disk and a number of other functions we will also mention.

Top Ten Hostings So, having information about the cost of services and their quality, you can make a TOP hosting providers:


HostGator Cloud;





A2 Hosting;




The purpose of our review is to help in choosing the best company that can provide quality services at an affordable price and with high speed servers.

Analysis of the main parameters in the choice of Internet hosting

One of the main objectives, which sets the owner of the created site, is to search for a quality and good on all parameters of the provider, whose task will store the site on their servers and provide constant access to it. If the quality of the hoster will, to say the least, “not very”, the site will always be slow, and search engines will be able to index it with great difficulty. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a provider in Ukraine, it is worth paying closer attention to the technical side of the issue and then you can make a TOP.

Up-Time is the main and most important indicator of the reliability of the provider and quality of its work. It shows how the time of availability and inaccessibility of the server is correlated. This indicator is measured as a percentage. If the number of uptime of your provider is very high, then be happy – you made the right choice, and this provider is among the best. If the servers (data centers) often fail, it will adversely affect the indexing of the site in the world’s search engines. Error 5.X.X. can occur for several reasons: unstable software, bandwidth is lower than necessary, equipment that is already worth upgrading, and a number of other reasons. As a result, the search engine will sift the site from the ranking, receiving instead of an adequate response to the error, which means that the site will not get into the search output.

Speed – includes three components: reading the database MySql, development of php and bandwidth channels. Hosting will provide services more qualitatively, if the performance of the first two components will be as high as possible. If the servers are located far from the location of the user, the site response time will increase, which is not very good.

Work sapport. Support service, which is always aware of the situation, able to competently and professionally ensure uninterrupted use of the site, causes respect and desire to continue to cooperate with the provider. TOP hosting can boast of the promptness and professionalism of its technical support. They are able to solve problems with minimal time consumption, which properly affects their reputation. When choosing a provider, you should remember that cooperation with official hosts is always more reliable and safe than working with resellers, who often sell services without knowing the proper quality of service.

What else has a reliable hosting?

Almost every hoster provides options for PHP, MySql, FTP. In most cases, this is enough to ensure the normal operation of a small site, such as business cards. But to larger sites (portals, online stores) were able to work normally, such options will be few. Therefore, if you are the owner of a large site, you should take a note of the following information:

  • Are supported C, CGL, Perl and what their tariffing,
  • what volume has a disk and traffic,
  • what is the access speed,
  • is it possible to generate subdomains,
  • what is included in the functionality of mail and what is the total number of e-mail accounts.

Here we go!


Ukraine is the largest provider of these services available in US. The company has been working for fifteen years (since 2004). Distinctive feature is the rational approach to quality of rendered services and a complete set of the server equipment. Technical support is always on top, which, of course, pleases users. During stay in the market the company has proved as the reliable hoster. This is evidenced by the huge number of users, and the fact that US regularly introduces new technologies to improve the quality of services provided, which, in the first place.
Data centers are available not only in Ukraine, but also in European countries (Germany, France) and the United States. Registration of domain names is also one of the possibilities of this company, as evidenced by its accreditation.

  • The main characteristics are as follows:
  • Server Uptime – 99.94 percent,
  • Technical Support – 8.8 out of 10,
  • Response rate: 99.92 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 40 – 110 minutes.

At the moment the hoster offers its customers four rates. The cost of services starts from a little more than thirty nine dollars per month. In fact, this is not the most affordable price. But! The quality provided and the list of services are worth it. Under sites you will be allocated from one gigabyte of space on SSD-disks, the number of databases is not limited. In addition, the user has five days to test the proposed set of functions. Do you need a hosting service? Then you can use the services of the leader of this TOP. You will not regret it.

HostGator Cloud

Provider LLC “Internet Name Center” is registered in NY. Equipped with quality server hardware to be the best for their clients. The monthly cost of services starts from sixty three dollars. The provider is ready to offer six tariffs and considerable volume of disk space – from two gigabytes. Testing of the package can last much longer – a whole month. It is more than practical, if you – the owner of a large-scale site, which requires high speed data centers. This company also has all legal rights to register domain names in the .UA zone and is accredited by ICANN.

  • The characteristics here are as follows:
  • Server uptime – 99.91 percent,
  • Technical support – 8.8 out of 10,
  • Response speed: 99.9 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 40 – 80 minutes.

If you own the site and are looking for high quality hosting, Ukrnames will be a great cheap option. Technical support is always on top, qualified and competent, servers are stable, the equipment is modern, a wide range of tariff packages, performance parameters and uptime remain at a decent level.


This company deservedly took the third place in our rating. Its server equipment is located in Ukraine. Hostinger provides quality services in US. Due to the proximity of data centers, the response time is reduced to fifty milliseconds in comparison with other companies providing such services. In the case of very high requirements of the site to the hosting must be taken into account this characteristic. For most sites, this company will be an excellent choice. Trial period of use of services is seven days.

  • Characteristics have the following data:
  • Server Uptime – 99.94 percent,
  • Technical Support – 9.8 out of 10,
  • Response Rate: 99.96 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 20 – 40 minutes.

The company provides from five gigabytes of disk space. There are no database restrictions. The cost of the package starts from thirty-seven dollars per month. The number of tariffs is five. Despite the very high technical characteristics, the company has not taken a leading position due to the lack of servers in Ukraine.


GreenGeeks has repeatedly become the leader of ratings of hosting providers in US. The quality of services is at a high level and is not inferior to the top three winners. But the number of offered packages is much more – thirty. GreenGeeks developed special packages for the most requested site management systems: OpenCart, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop. The company offers various rates, as the most common and VIP, as well as “cloud” and data centers in other countries. GreenGeeks confidently takes honorable fourth place in our ranking of low-cost hosting. The cost of services starts from the amount a little more than one hundred and thirty-three dollars per month, but for a month users can test the selected package. Some packages have limitations on the number of databases – ten, fifty, one hundred. The hoster is ready to offer space for resources from ten gigabytes.

And now technical data:

  • Server Uptime – 99.92 percent,
  • Technical Support – 9.9 out of 10,
  • Response rate: 99.97 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 25 – 60 minutes.

Servers of this provider are always in the zone of access, characterized by an excellent response rate. Support is quickly responded to even during the heaviest of loads. If you want to have a reliable service provider that provides a wide range of services at different prices, then it is worth paying attention to GreenGeeks.


Represented company, like US, for many years now very successfully conquers the US market, has the necessary accreditation to register domain names. If you are looking for a cheap but reliable hosting, then pay attention to DreamHost. Tariffs start with available almost thirty dollars (29.7). The company offers a total of six tariff packages. The most affordable package is not able to offer a large volume on disk – only half a gigabyte, and there are limits.

The other five tariff plans already have a higher cost – from fifty-eight dollar, and much more opportunities. If you compare the price offers of this company and the leaders of the rating, these services are more affordable.

Technical characteristics will be as follows:

  • Server Uptime – 99.95 percent,
  • Technical support – 9.6 out of 10,
  • Response rate: 99.96 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 35 – 75 minutes.

Datacenters of the given provider are placed also in Ukraine and abroad (Germany). DreamHost provides SSD-drives to its customers to place resources on them. You can test the selected package for ten days. If you own an information site, business card site, small online store or blog, the choice of this hosting will be a great solution.


A well-known provider that has been on the market for over ten years. He is a leader among all providers to provide free space for the site on the server, as there are no restrictions here. Seven days is the time for which you can test the selected rate. The cost is a bit overvalued (a little over fifty-two dollars per month), given that the SSD is not used. Having collected all data about the company, we have placed it in the middle of our rating.

  • These are the technical characteristics here:
  • Server Uptime – 99.95 percent,
  • Technical Support – 9 out of 10,
  • Response speed: 99.97 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 35 – 70 minutes.

The provider offers its customers a choice of seven tariff packages, among which there is also a “Premium” group and for CMS. If you are going to place only one site, even a basic package will be enough, because it has a very wide functionality.

A2 Hosting

This company is still very young, but it is well oriented in the rules of the game on this service market. A2 Hosting offers four tariff packages. The cost of a monthly basic package is small – thirty five dollars. But to speed up on this plan is not very possible – because only five hundred megabytes, one site with one database. A plus is the fact that A2 Hosting provides customers with SSD-carriers for placing their resources.

Now features:

  • Server Uptime – 99.99 percent,
  • Technical Support – 9 out of 10,
  • Response rate: 99.95 percent,
  • Problem Resolution – 40 – 70 minutes.

The hoster can boast of stability and a remarkable server response rate, so place business cards, online stores, large portals is quite real, because the provided functionality is more than enough. Support is qualified and fast, is able to solve problems very quickly. You can safely pay attention to this provider, if you are looking for affordable prices in combination with quality services.


International Hoster, which has both servers and branches in Ukraine. In addition, WestHost data centers are located in America, European countries and Russia. This company is able to offer its customers the largest disk capacity for the site of all the above providers – from ten gigabytes, and does not limit the placement of the database. WestHost offers eight tariff plans, four of which are oriented to the “engine” WordPress. The cost of the service is a little high and starts from sixty nine hryvnia per month. But here you should take into account not only the credibility of the hosting, but also a wide range of functionality, high quality services and quality support.

Now the data:

Server Uptime – 99.95 percent,

Technical Support – 9.2 out of 10,

Response Rate: 99.97 percent,

Problem Resolution – 35 – 60 minutes.

You choose a hosting, reliable and stable? WestHost is ready to confirm its authority. The company does not offer a trial period, because it is fully confident in the quality of services provided. Not all clients are happy with this situation, because many want to have an idea of what they will invest their money in. This is why WestHost is in eighth place in our ranking.


We have promoted a large number of hostings that offer their services not only to large businesses, but also to individuals. This company offers very wide functionality at a high price, which for many sites will be more than redundant. The minimum tariff is more than seventy one dollar per month, but if you purchase an annual “subscription”, then the cost is pleasantly reduced to almost fifty three dollar per month. Such position of the company once again emphasizes the fact that the provider is ready to cooperate first of all with large customers who can easily arrange annual payment for the service.

The data reads:

  • Server Uptime – 99.90%,
  • Technical Support – 9.8 out of 10,
  • Speed of response: 99.94%,
  • Resolution of problem situations – 30-70 minutes.

The hosting company is ready to offer its customers a choice of nine tariff packages, among which there is also an offer for Linux. Places are allocated on the site from five gigas.
The trial period is only five days. The support works qualitatively and operatively.


This company also provides services that are more designed for large customers than for individuals. A huge advantage of Mirohost is a very large data center with modern technology based on Intel Xeon, which has a bandwidth of one hundred eighty gigabits per second and daily backup. The cost of services is not the cheapest – from almost eighty-seven hryvnia per month.


  • Server Uptime – 99.97%,
  • Technical Support – 9.3 out of 10,
  • Response rate: 99.98%,
  • Problem Resolution – 45 – 70 minutes.

There is no trial period. To place sites to customers are offered the volume from three gigabytes on SSD-carriers. The company offers three tariff plans to choose from. Ability to place one – five sites with one – ten databases.

Summing up

We promoted and compared the work of the best hosting providers. Use the information provided to choose the best option for yourself, because the reliability of hosting and quality of services provided by the provider significantly affects the success of site promotion. By the way, you can order this service in our agency.