Rating of hosting must be objective. Customized reports have not added clients to any provider. The quality of services is tested instantly. The decision to change the service provider is also made quickly.

In developing a rating of cloud hosting experienced analysts are based primarily on the following criteria:

  • Reputation of a provider in the network.
  • Technical capabilities to provide services.
  • Warranty service and its real capabilities.
  • Balanced pricing policy.
  • Reviews about the provider on independent resources.

So, the best cloud VPS hosting Runet at your service:


The most budget provider with a decent quality of service. There are few available tools, but they are enough to automate the resource management process. The new virtual machine starts up in less than 60 seconds. The service also provides an option to back up your server.

HostGator Cloud

This cloud hosting offers its customers access to more than 500 ISPs around the world. Thanks to a wide range of options to select the project of each client is the most affordable and effective. Security of information is provided not only on the physical but also on the legal level. The high level of data privacy at HostGator Cloud is guaranteed by German law (one of the strictest in the world). Customers are served by state-of-the-art industrial equipment installed in certified data centers. Professional and prompt technical support is guaranteed for every customer.


Such VPS/VDS hosting largely duplicates the functionality of the two previous rating participants. At the same time, for the convenience of users there is a free check of service quality. Hostinger

is also good in cases where all available data centers require Ipv6 support.


Unique service provider in the rating of hosting providers. Suitable for project managers who seek to assign resources on their own. The services of this company are also suitable for those who want to install OS using their own boot image.


Provider of Italian origin. Offers several virtual machines. Technical support in Italian and English only. Automatic server transfer to a more powerful virtual machine is available. All data is saved during the transfer.

Amazon Web Services

A pioneer in the cloud technology market. Offers customers all the available platforms they need to create network resources. In addition to virtual machines, database and storage services are available. Also provides the ability to monitor resources.