For today, WordPress, is one of the most popular pro bono CMS for sites. One of the absolute advantages of this site management system is the regular release of new versions that work better and have richer functionality. However, as with any other program, WordPress has its own set of requirements that must be met in order for the site to work without errors and problems. Accordingly, the question arises – which hosting to choose for WordPress?

The official requirements for hosting for WordPress

For today, on the official website, we will see the following requirements:

– Support for the Https protocol;

– Support for MySQL, version 5.6, or MariaDB version 10.1 or higher;

– PHP3 or newer versions.

In addition, it is recommended to use Nginx or Apache as a web server, as they are the most reliable and functional.

If there is no capability to meet these requirements, support for PHP 5.6.20 and MySQL 5.0, as well as any web server that works normally with them, will be fine.

However, in this case, the threat to the security of your site will increase.

In addition, it is worth remembering that much of the functionality is now carried out with the help of plugins, which also change over time. Therefore, when choosing plug-ins, it makes sense to pay attention to what version of WordPress they are compatible with and what they require for correct work.

Accordingly, when answering the question “how to choose hosting for WordPress?”, we recommend that you pay attention first to the supported versions of PHP and MySQL, as well as the proposed types of web server.

Free hosting for WordPress

Free services, provides quite a few companies, and usually there are enough of them to work WordPress. However, if you want to do something more serious than a simple blog with attendance of up to 50 people per day, then sooner or later you will have to switch to the paid version.

Simply put – free hosting for your blog on WordPress, suitable only for the start.

Hosting for WordPress with auto installer.

Choosing a hosting for a site on WordPress, you should pay attention to the presence of automatic installers of various CMS.

Of course, the procedure of manual installation is not something particularly difficult – just download the CMS on the site, and follow fairly simple instructions. But if there is an opportunity to simplify some procedure it makes sense to use it.

In addition, the presence of such an installer is a sign that the hosting will not have problems when working with CMS.

Hostings with special tariffs

An excellent option would be hosting for WordPress, which has a special tariff, optimized to work with this CMS. As a rule, such tariffs provide a program for automatic installation of plug-ins, applications and content management systems.

Rating of the best hosting for WordPress


This company has long occupied a place in the ratings of the best hosting with WordPress, thanks to the presence of two special rates. There is support for the necessary versions of PHP and MySQL, and placing all files on modern SSD-disks, allows you to get a fast and stable site.

HostGator Managed WordPress

All available rates of virtual hosting or VPS\VDS, optimized for the most popular site management systems. Of course, among them are also of interest to us. Also, for all tariffs is available support for the necessary versions of PHP and MySQL and automatic installation of CMS.


Offers a separate schedule of tariffs for popular CMS. Separately, it is worth noting a very flexible system of setting the hosting parameters, namely:

  1. Disk space (SSD);
  2. Number of sites;
  3. Number of databases.

Softaculous automatic installer is used.


 This hosting has no special offers for WordPress. However, regardless of the tariff, you get support for the required versions of PHP and MySQL, as well as the CMS auto-installer and applications.

A2 Hosting

There is a separate schedule of tariffs, with the ability to automatically preset the desired content management system. Of course, there is support for the necessary programming languages and databases. In general, this is a reliable hosting, which is perfectly suited for any site.


Quite a large company, although it does not have specialized rates, but has everything necessary for the effective operation of sites on WordPress. In general, it is a quality hosting, which perfectly performs its functions regardless of the CMS.


Powerful and reliable hosting, which works perfectly with sites on WordPress. There are no special rates, however, there is an automatic content management system installer.


Offers three specialized tariffs optimized with automatic installation of content management system. Thanks to good power and the use of SSD drives, sites work quickly and reliably.


 This hosting is great for hosting sites. Technical capabilities of hosting can get fast and stable work regardless of the CMS. There is an automatic installer for content management systems.


Also works well with WordPress. There is an automatic CMS installer available, which can be used directly from your personal cabinet. Good computing power and SSD disks allow for fast and reliable operation. It is possible to choose the version of PHP.


Today, sites on WordPress are supported by most hostings. However, when ordering a particular tariff, it makes sense to make sure that it supports the correct version of PHP and MySQL. Will not be superfluous to read carefully the CMS requirements for hosting to achieve maximum productivity of your site.