Any beginning blogger or developer should know what hosting is, because a site cannot exist without one. However hosting is a very complex term, and much needs to be learned before it can be used efficiently. Happily there are many professionals available, who will help you, guide you through the process of creating a site and generally make work much easier, when it comes to hosting and setting up a site or blog. There are many groups and organizations out there, but it is that gives you the best chance for success.


What can we offer?

We will help you chouse any tipe of hosting, for exemple – VPS hosting, best hosting variant for WordPress or any other tipe of webhosting. We rewiew many other types of hosting, such as CPanel and PHP hosting. HostingFanatic (Hosting Fanatic) team can help you to chouse wisely.

Our guides will also help you decide on the type of hosting you should use for your projects. Be it a blog or merchandise site – our professionals will help you find the best type of hosting for your work and point you in the right direction. It is sometimes hard to pick the right hosting plan, but we can help with that too.

I want to emphasize that the right choice of hosting before starting a site increases the chances of success of your site. This is really a true foundation for your online activities. And our project aims was to help build a strong foundation for your online success.

Why choose us?

In HostingFanatic (Hosting Fanatic) we rate the hosting companies by uptime, price, support service and other important characteristics.

  • We only choose companies that have accumulated many positive reviews from real clients.
  • We create test sites and regularly test them for uptime and response speeds.
  • We use many diverse methods to measure loading times and evaluate possible downtime.
  • The results of our testing and evaluation are published as reviews.
  • We also evaluate bandwidth, but that is, as a rule, almost always unlimited.

Providers are never ideal – all have their certain flaws and good points, which is why we never rely on old tests. We test our providers regularly, because they regularly change – some problems are fixed, and some new problems arise. Therefore you can count on our information being up-to-date.

About our HostingFanatic team

We have existed as a hosting team for over five consecutive years, and we have directly contacted and dealt with several hundred providers for our hosting purposes. We therefore have much experience in this area and can almost immediately tell a true. We can describe ourselves as a team of web developers and professionals who have united a five years ago, to make ourselves known as the HostingFanatic (Hosting Fanatic) team.

We have experienced people in all areas, but we pride ourselves on our skilled experts in Data, Hosting and Programming areas. However the other professionals are no worse, and they cover the most diverse areas of web development and hosting.

Summing it up

Finally, let us sum up our purpose and goal – we are a union of specialist in many different areas of web development and hosting. We provide analysis of many hostings, regularly tested them for uptime and load speed. We, in HostingFanatic (Hosting Fanatic), are always ready to help, are open for you to contact.