It is recommended to use dedicated servers to launch your site on the Internet and conduct business online, designed for a large number of visitors. These are the types of hosting, which provide the client not just part of the available space, and full access to physical equipment.

Rental server capacity client does not share them with other people, and uses itself 100%. This is necessary to achieve a stable operation of sites, services, minimizing the likelihood of their failure, overloads. Dedicated server is recommended to use the owners of sites with 30,000 visitors or more.

In the expanses of the Internet you can find a lot of companies that offer to rent a dedicated server (Dedicated Server). But among them, you can find both worthy offers and those that are not too worthy of attention. Consider a small TOP of excellent dedicated servers for all occasions.

A2 Hosting

Renting a dedicated A2 Hosting server will be a great solution for someone who wants a powerful platform to host projects of any complexity. The server offers machines of various levels at affordable prices:

Configuration based on Intel® Core™ I7-9700K, with 250 GB of SSD memory for files, 16 GB of RAM, channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps. The price of this solution is only about 5 000 rubles per month;

Option with Intel® Xeon® E5-2670v3 and 32 GB of RAM, as well as two 250 GB SSD for 9700 rubles per month.

A2 Hosting offers about a dozen different solutions for every taste and wallet.


This dedicated server is very popular in Russia, has a data center located in the northern capital, St. Petersburg. Provides uninterrupted operation of client projects due to powerful hardware. The price of rental equipment here is comparable to the above prices for WestHost, additional services, type of administration cost from 2500 rubles per month.


Very popular hosting, which works in the U.S., Europe, CIS countries and other regions of the planet. Powerful iron here is complemented by advanced and convenient services, including the following:

  • Powerful support team, quickly resolving all issues;
  • uninterrupted fast operation of the facilities around the clock;
  • Help with installation and setup of the operating system;
  • You can choose your preferred control panel option.

Prices for services of cars offered here start from $80 per month, which by our standards is quite expensive.

There are other excellent servers: AdminVPS, Majordomo, Sprinthost and many others. For domestic users, the most interesting are native hosting such as Contell, as they are cheaper, have a competitive “iron”, professional technical support.