Good afternoon, dear readers of the site. Every entrepreneur who has decided to conquer the Internet, thinking about choosing a hosting. We want that the domain name and hosting were not too expensive (especially it is important at the start), but at the same time, that the quality was at a decent level.

Often, various ratings and reviews offer us hosting, in order to make their own money. My task is to provide such a hosting to suit not only the novice, but also those who have more than 5 sites.

I decided to write a review, which will be based only on the analysis of such data: price, uptime, performance, sustained load, package of services (the number of sites, databases, transfer site from another hosting, backup files and databases).

How to choose the right hosting for a newcomer site (US)

Let’s say we had an idea to create an online store. We decided that our products will be needed by visitors to the Internet, but here, as always at the start intervenes the question of money. And it’s okay.

I know that many people will want to get hosting for free. Unfortunately, our people are used to free cheese. And as you know, if there is a demand, then there will be supply.

But the level of service – wants the best. So our task at the start to minimize the price and get the maximum number of services. As I promised, when choosing a hosting will be guided only by the data.

The best hosting for your online store is DreamHost.

For the convenience of analysis, I decided that it would be better to show the following information:

  • Price, when paying for the year – 30$.
  • Disk space – 4000 mb
  • uptime – 99.93
  • Speed – 99.93
  • Withstanding load – 157
  • Number of sites – 2
  • Number of databases – unlimited.
  • Transferring the site – yes
  • Backup of files and databases – yes.
  • Free ssl certificate – yes
  • Backing up – yes
  • Protection against spam bots – yes.
  • Antivirus protection – yes.
  • Server Location – Russia
  • Support – 24 x 7

Many do not pay attention to the recommendations of search engines. There is a wonderful service from Google – PageSpeed Insights. And this service recommends that the response from your server is no more than 200 ms.

And one more important point. When choosing a domain and hosting, you should approximately know your audience and geographic location. Thus, we have many tasks to solve in this article. I think that the offer for beginners who want to try their hand is the best option.

Which hosting to choose for online store (US)

In previous articles “How to create an online store from scratch” and “Promoting an online store with your own hands in the top 10”, we have not considered in detail the choice of hosting. And here you have to answer a few questions: what is your cms, the planned load, the projected attendance, how many products. After you honestly answer all these questions, you can safely move on to the stage of studying hosting.

Online store – this is just one of the types of sites. It follows that if it is at the start and at the same time, you try to save on everything, you can safely use the above hosting.

And now let’s imagine for a moment that you have not one site, and 5. Many create a whole stream. Each has its own goals. Someone is trying to diversify their income, from here and creates sites in different directions.

And someone on the contrary, creates a few online shops, which is trying to promote in several regions. If we return to the above hosting, the location of 5 sites, we will cost 1104 UAH. And we should not forget about the test results.

Choosing a domain name and hosting – this is one of the important stages in the development of your project. And as usual, everything depends on your budget and goals. There is a lot of useful information on the site, which will help to avoid standard errors. I would be grateful if you could share this information.

Thank you for your attention.