Best Free Website Hosting 2021: TOP Services

Free hosting in 2021 has some limitations in functionality and speed, so it is not suitable for all sites. If you have a business card site or a small evaluation resource that does not require fast processing of a large array of information, it can be created on free hosting. So you do not overpay for those functions that you do not need.

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    since 2011

    United Kingdom


    VDS / VPS
    Website builder
    Domain check

    Test period:
    30 days
    Hosting prices:
    from $7
    Domain prices:
    from $1
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    .COM$ 7.94
    Number of sites1UnlimitedUnlimited
    Place on Disk10GB20GB 30GB
    Price per month$7$10$13
    Tariff1 vCPU2 vCPU3 vCPU
    Memory1 GB2 GB3 GB
    Storage space20 GB 40 GB 60 GB
    Traffic1000 GB2000 GB3000 GB
    Price per month $9$20$41
    Detailed description

    Criteria of choosing free web hosting

    Among the free hostings there are many different options, and to focus only on user feedback or advertising company is not always appropriate. Before you choose to carefully study the services provided and proceed from the following criteria for your requests:

    • Disk space. This is the amount of memory that is necessary for correct work of your resource, as well as for making backups. Backup memory must be considered in case of various contingencies.
    • Technical support. Usually on free hosting you will not get round-the-clock support in any convenient messenger or by phone. Breakdowns of the site through your fault or the host can happen at any time, so use the test period to understand how quickly the technical support service will respond to you and at what time. Determine which questions you can solve yourself if the operator is unavailable.
    • A set of technical tools. In paid hosting there are many unlimited services and automatic features that are not available in free hosting. You need to know in advance the following parameters: traffic, backup frequency, the level of protection against hacking, the ability to check for viruses, as well as the ability to move the site to another server or tariff plan.
    • Physical location. The closer the hosting is located to your target audience, the faster the site response speed will be. For paid rates it plays an insignificant role, but for free hosting can become key. Free resources are overloaded, so the further hosting is physically located, the longer the page will be loaded. It also matters from the legislative side, if your site processes user data – personal data of citizens should be stored in the territory of their registration.

    After reading the various proposals, be sure to use the test period to understand in practice how the site will function.

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