Rating of Hostings for CMS Joomla in 2022

Currently, Joomla hosting is considered a recognized leader among all the content management systems offered to consumers. Customers note the ease of use, comfort, versatility, and accessibility. But it should be borne in mind that absolute universality does not happen. Each version of the CMS has quite stringent requirements for server resources.

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    Storage space25 gb 60 gb120 gb 165 gb240 gb
    Detailed description

    What to pay attention to when choosing Each webmaster has a natural desire to get the maximum effect with minimal financial costs, loss of time, and effort. What to pay attention to, how not to make a mistake and choose the best option hosting, which guarantees the effectiveness of the resource CMS Joomla? Professionals advise paying close attention to the following parameters.

    Support Normal hosting should be supported:

    • Apache (version 2.2);
    • MySQL;
    • phpMyAdmin;
    • PHP.

    Running Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 should be done only on the Linux operating system. If you try to work with other options, there is a high probability of incorrect functioning of extensions. And without it, it isn’t easy to even hope for the successful promotion of sites. More advanced in its capabilities version of Joomla 3. x, it gives customers the right to use any convenient operating system: Windows or Linux. The hosting provider must provide each user on a disk at least 150 MB with a more than 65 MB memory limit. The above requirements are considered the minimum for each site that hosts its server site on Joomla with a standard basic package.

    Additional aspects of choosing a hosting Joomla

    It is recommended to pay attention to the project workload, the possibility of creating forums, stores, blogs, the size of additionally installed modules, etc. The general tendency is that the server load increases with the scale of the resource being installed. If a small site is quite like a simple, inexpensive hosting, then for serious work, you need to choose providers with sufficient resources. What else should be of interest to a potential client? Technical support. The provider should have in its staff of professional specialists quickly giving answers to all questions. The work mode is required 24/7. In addition, at the proper level should be security, update the server software hoster to be performed automatically.

    Comfort control panel, server capacity, the image of the provider on the profile market. An additional advantage is considered to be the loyalty programs offered to clients.

    Ability to create a copy of the site, the specific geographical location of the server, the hosting. Before making a final decision, you need to know about the possibility of the automatic installation of CMS Joomla hosting. This feature will avoid the need to manually transfer site data from the server to the hosting site. The task of launching is greatly facilitated. The probability of errors caused by the human factor is excluded.

    List of popular hosting

    Before you start choosing a particular hosting should be very carefully analyzing the resources that are necessary for the correct and stable operation of the site. This parameter is individual for each case. Market experts provide information assistance in choosing the best provider, considering the possibilities of its hosting, but they do not affect the final decision. All in the hands of the site owner, only he is fully responsible for their actions.

    Table of known hosting

    • Image: Hosting on a cloud platform with unlimited power. The leader among hosting providers in Russia, serving more than 3 million domains and approximately 2 million customers. The built-in transfer function of the site content.
    • Site5: Hard Disk 10 GB, unlimited traffic. The company exists within the framework of XBT, holding the world leader, has wide popularity in the USA, Singapore, India, Luxembourg, and other countries. The services are used by large Forex exchanges, payment systems, and Internet portals. Russian-speaking users have a unique support service and available payment methods.
    • GoDaddy: Represents both free hosting Joomla 3 and paid. It supports the technologies and functions of CloudLinux ISPmanager 5; there are versions of PHP 5.2 7.0. It has many standard ready-made templates, which makes it possible to create new sites quickly.
    • FastComet: Automatically detects malicious scripts, disinfects sites, and saves backups. It has a handy directive editor, ready-made settings for the CMS, and supports CGL modes. There is an SSL certificate confirming the protection of data exchange protocol between the computer and the site.
    • DreamHost: 2 GB hard drive; the traffic is unlimited. Physically and legally located in Russia, Data Center in St. Petersburg. Advantage high channel capacity (over 110 Gbps). Due to the attractive ratio of physical reality. DreamHost and pleasant price consumers are showing an increased interest in the resource.
    • HostGator: Cloud Young, but an ambitious project, has free hosting with Joomla support, engaged in aggressive promotion of the resource. The main offices are located in Russia and Ukraine; there are branches in Europe, Israel, and the United States.
    • Web hosting hub: American hosting, on the market since 2001, is today one of the top resources. Hosted many thousands of products, the company employs hundreds of professional staff. The office is located in the US.

    More information about reliability and real possibilities of hostings can be found on pages of official websites. They share their impressions after a practical experience of working with resources, and their conclusions are quite often the opposite of the information from advertising booklets providers.

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    Evaluation is done on several parameters:

    • Cost. Users compare availability, compliance of the price with quality, and the list of services provided.
    • Technical support. Opinions are expressed on the reaction of technical support staff, their professionalism, and their ability to work with clients. Gives practical examples of solving emerging problems on Joomla, clarifying the requirements for hosting.
    • Usability. A general impression of the work of hosting: convenience, opportunities to change settings and tariffs, options for settings through the existing panel, etc.
    • Uptime. One of the essential criteria for the provider’s work estimates the time that the site is available to visitors. Reliable providers bring this figure to 99%. Each experienced wizard can distinguish real users’ feedback from the custom “thank you, numerous customers.”


    Hosting ratings are not a stable parameter. Providers are constantly working to improve the functionality and attractiveness of their products, which certainly affects their rating among clients. It is necessary to monitor all changes continually and respond to them promptly.

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