Companies and ordinary people strive to create a personal website: information page, blog, forum, business card. But it is not enough just to create a website, you need to register a domain and buy hosting services. What is virtual hosting, how to choose a suitable one? How to choose the best hosting provider? This is what we will tell you in our article.

Rental server capacity client does not share them with other people, and uses itself 100%. This is necessary to achieve a stable operation of sites, services, minimizing the likelihood of their failure, overloads. Dedicated server is recommended to use the owners of sites with 30,000 visitors or more.

Is it possible to do without a hosting provider? You can, but it is not easy, because you have to equip a web service on your personal computer, and it is difficult and, frankly speaking, just irrational. First, you will need to regularly monitor the proper functioning of the Internet connection on your PC. Secondly, you will need powerful and expensive equipment that can handle the load. Thirdly, you will need to know various technical nuances. The downsides of the option are obvious – for example, if the power goes out, your computer breaks down or the Internet connection is lost, the site will disappear from the public domain.

General information

It is much easier to pay for hosting services to provide all or part of the service, which will be constantly online. It places the data needed to display the site. Since the hosting provider monitors the stable operation of its service, your site will always be online.

There are different types of hosting, and each option has its own features and limitations for people.

There are three types in total:

  1.   Dedicated server.
  2.   Virtual hosting.
  3.   VPS/VDS.

Virtual hosting is distinguished by the fact that it is divided into many accounts, which have the same IP-addresses. This is an inexpensive and popular option, but there are limitations. Users share important resources with each other: traffic, CPU time and RAM. If the site has low traffic, then this option is suitable.

Virtual dedicated VPS/VDS is a physical server divided into virtual services, isolated from each other. They have a personal operating system, and the load is independent of the others.

What is the difference between VDS and VPS hosting? There is no difference between them, because both abbreviations mean the same thing.

VDS is a virtual dedicated server, and VPS is a virtual private server. You can think of them as synonyms.

All VPSs share the resources of a physical service, but they are separate from each other. If one of them fails, or if there is excessive consumption of traffic or memory, the other will not be affected. In fact, VPS hosting is considered an intermediate variant between a virtual and a full server.

This service is suitable for large-scale web projects that need to configure the system and determine the configuration.

There are the following advantages:

– Administrator rights without restrictions. Root-access.

– Setting up individual software configuration.

– Separate dedicated resources for the virtual server.

– Independence from users who are located on the same physical machine.

So we figured out what a VPS is. It should be noted that the cost of this option is higher than that of shared hosting. In this case, the power is not as high as that of a dedicated server. If you are going to use this option, responsibly approach the choice of provider. This will depend on the stability of the site, the cost of services and other important points.

How to choose shared hosting: useful tips

VDS Hosting must meet all the requirements that the creator of the site.

Each company, providing people with VPS services, offers different conditions. The set of possibilities changes – cloud services, support, security, management can be provided in addition. Protection against DDoS-attacks is topical. The cost can vary significantly depending on the set of services – even cheap VDS hosting has many features, and the more expensive it is, the higher the functionality.

Cheaper VDS hosting without support, but the person must learn how to administer applications and operating system. The advantage of the support service included in the set is that you do not have to personally spend time to maintain the server.

When choosing a particular hosting service takes into account the needs of the client, tasks, budget and type of project. There are many offers, but not every provider is considered reliable.

The key points when choosing a hosting VPS:

  1.   For site management uses a graphical interface, it is called the control panel. With its help it is possible to solve questions of software installation and configuration, security, administration. When choosing a panel, you should pay attention to the convenience of the interface and functionality. Emphasis is placed on the ability to manage simultaneously 2-3 servers.
  2. localization. There are both domestic and foreign options. The advantage of the first in the Russian-speaking support service, solving any problems. Foreign companies offer their services more expensive, and help is not always provided in time.
  3.   The cost. Some people are looking for VPS hosting for free or at low cost. In this case, you need to focus on the volume of space and the capacity of processors on which the speed of the site. If the characteristics do not meet the requirements of the creator of the site, then have to look for options more expensive.
  4.   Virtualization. This technology involves the ability to create separate routing tables, IP addresses and ports. It should be possible to configure and install any software.

Criteria for choosing the right UPS hosting is not so much. They should be followed and examined by the best providers in order to make the right decision.

Top of the best VPS/VDS hosting providers

Experienced users distinguish the best companies that provide VDS hosting free of charge during the test period. You should check the rates in the future to choose the best one depending on your budget.

Liquid Web 

Hosting has existed since 2006, and the company is considered one of the largest Russian accredited registrars of domain names. It offers various services: domain transfer, DNS support, free parking page. The free test period is 14 days.


The company has been on the market since 2012. More than 21000 clients use its services. The test period is 7 days. Provider offers premium services “All Inclusive”. The cost of hosting includes administration and other important functions. The company features ultra-fast VPS/VDS on SSD disks. For the attraction of customers is a lifetime payment of 30% or more.


Initially the company provides basic administration, but for a fee it will become complete, with round-the-clock system monitoring. The company exists in the market since 2007, for this time it has got more than 55 000 clients.


– Unlimited traffic is provided;

– up to 64 GB of RAM;

– up to 240 GB of SSD in RAIS-10.

All data is on RAID-10 arrays from SSD disks.


The company has existed since 1997 and its servers are located in USA and Germany. Provides VPS hosting with a test period – 7 days. The organization personally prepares the VPS to work and configures the web environment. Specialists, if necessary, will transfer data from the previous provider, deploy a backup. Ispserver provides client security, configures DDoS protection and helps with data encryption.

Very popular hosting, which works in the U.S., Europe, CIS countries and other regions of the planet. Powerful iron here is complemented by advanced and convenient services, including the following:

  • Powerful support team, quickly resolving all issues;
  • uninterrupted fast operation of the facilities around the clock;
  • Help with installation and setup of the operating system;
  • You can choose your preferred control panel option.

A2 Hosting

Fast hosting that guarantees uninterrupted and stable operation of the site. Servers are located in the USA, Europe, Russia, India and Singapore. The company exists in the market since 2012. At the moment it has more than 35000 clients.

Available simple management of Windows servers, which can be performed even from a tablet or smartphone. There is Root-access, as well as possible administration and configuration of the server.

A2 offers its clients additional interconnected services. For example, it is possible to rent a server with customized programs for working with Forex. It is possible to buy a domain or SSL certificate. If necessary, the user can use VPS hardware features.

Configuration based on Intel® Core™ I7-9700K, with 250 GB of SSD memory for files, 16 GB of RAM, channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps. The price of this solution is only about 5 000 rubles per month;

Option with Intel® Xeon® E5-2670v3 and 32 GB of RAM, as well as two 250 GB SSD for 9700 rubles per month.

A2 Hosting offers about a dozen different solutions for every taste and wallet.


The organization has existed since 2006, during which time it has acquired more than 150,000 clients. It provides VDS hosting with a test period of 10 days. The company has its own control panel, based on the wishes of people. The data are protected by a reservation system. There are favorable rates and bonuses for customers, as well as a 30% discount for schoolchildren, students and teachers.


There are over 18 years on the market and there are unlimited opportunities. There is a daily tariffication – you have to pay according to the fact of use. The company provides a free control panel and provides flexible work with IP addresses. The user can bind a domain in one click.


The company was registered in 2007 and has been popular since then. At any tariff testing of services is provided within a month.

Beget is one of the best VPS hosting services as the client receives unlimited traffic, unlimited number of domains and subdomains, as well as (optional) automatic backup. The company is also known for its inexpensive services and ensures uninterrupted operation of the site.

Media Temple

The Company has been in existence since 2012 and is licensed to provide services. Suitable for projects requiring increased reliability and isolation. It is possible to choose the operating system and control panel. Superuser user rights are available.


The company has been providing services since 2006.

Ru-Center has OpenStack cloud infrastructure as well as free licensed Windows Server. When renting VDS hosting for a year, a person saves up to 20%. Hyper-V and KVM hardware virtualization is available.


This dedicated server is very popular in Russia, has a data center located in the northern capital, St. Petersburg. Provides uninterrupted operation of client projects due to powerful hardware. The price of rental equipment here is comparable to the above prices for WestHost, additional services, type of administration cost from 2500 rubles per month.

The result is

When studying the provider and tariffs it is recommended to pay attention to the characteristics and key points, and find the ideal ratio of quality and price.

Prices for services of hostings offered here start from $80 per month, which by our standards is quite expensive.

There are other excellent servers: AdminVPS, Majordomo, Sprinthost and many others. For domestic users, the most interesting are native hosting such as Contell, as they are cheaper, have a competitive “iron”, professional technical support.

We hope that our review of paid and free VPS hosting will help you choose the most suitable provider.