TOP Hostings with Sitebuilders: what to choose in 2020?

Website designers are an additional feature that not all providers provide. The question is how to find a good hosting with a site designer built into the service, interested in many newcomers. We have already compiled a rating for you web hosting sites with the designer, which will help in choosing the best option from the best in its category of proposals.

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    Well-known Russian hosting DreamHost has repeatedly participated in our ratings by various criteria. Even going to any specialized forum in the section “Advise a good provider with a designer”, this service is sure to be found there.

    Users do not need to program, install, configure anything on their own, just register and get access to the free website constructor. With the constructor of you can create a free site in five minutes and put on their own hosting.

    Among the advantages of using this editor are such items:

    Convenience. Built-in constructor allows you to quickly synchronize the created website to a productive hosting and set it to the desired domain.

    Opportunities. The editor offers about 170 ready-made templates that can fit the site of any subject, contains a lot of fine-tuning and options.

    Gift. As a gift service attaches free mail to the domain of the client from or Yandex.
    We also offer you to visit the main page of our site, where you can see our main rating of hosting providers.


    We have added to our rating a wonderful hosting Hostinger with website builder, which has been repeatedly included in our TOPs by other criteria. The service promises customers that they will be able to create their website from scratch within half an hour. The designer is completely free, you only need to buy inexpensive hosting and get a full set of services.

    The free designer from Hostinger includes such advantages:

    A base of templates. More than 190 ready-made templates provided for different topics: food, entertainment, art, technology, business.

    Simplicity. Everyone who considers site building a complex case, with the help of this editor can quickly and easily set the right elements, blocks and adjust the design.

    Settings. A large number of settings allows you to select the design for any screen resolution, set up multi-language and much more.

    Choosing the best hosting with the website designer we recommend to pay attention to It has almost fifteen years of history, good reputation and provides the necessary set of tools to create and configure sites. Paying for a paid constructor, you can access the editor, where you can easily create any product, which will require nine steps:

    • The choice of a template;
    • Filling with text;
    • Editing, text optimization;
    • Filling with images;
    • Adding, setting up the menu;
    • Editing the menu section;
    • Adjusting page properties;
    • Managing the SEO component;

    Final actions, completing the process, publishing the site.
    It is proposed to run an online demo mode, where you can test the functionality of the editor before you pay for access.


    USA hosting SiteGround working since 2004, conducts its activities steadily, without advertising and other negative aspects. The company’s clients only need to buy any of the tariffs to get access to the constructor, which allows you to create any online resources ranging from simple business card sites to full-fledged online stores.

    Among the available advantages we would like to note such moments:

    Test. Everyone can test the constructor online, this does not require even registration.
    Simplicity. The process of building websites and its settings is very simple and clear to everyone, the service also offers training videos.

    Speed. Internet resource is very quickly created, structured and filled, then quickly synchronized to cheap hosting SiteGround.

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