How to create websites

That’s probably the question many people have been asking. To date, the creation of the site – a common practice. This article will describe 3 ways to create sites:

  1. Creating a site with the help of the designer
  2. Creation using CMS
  3. Manual creation, on a self-written platform

Anyway, all these methods are in use at the moment. However, not everything is worth using. So, let’s look at all the ways in order.

How to create a website on the constructor

This method is not only the simplest but also not the most professional one. To begin with, the user needs to find a designer on the Internet, which should not cause any difficulties. Such designers can be found quite a lot. Such designers offer the user a certain number of templates that they contain; the client should choose one of them. After that it remains only to fill a template with the information.

At first sight this method can seem rather practical, but it is not so at all. First, the developer will not be able to install his interface. Secondly, there will be no admin panel as such. Third, the site will not be unique, as all the templates have long been used by many users, which will not promote the site in search engines. We can conclude that this method is suitable for “text sites” without registering users and for a certain group of people.

Creating sites on CMS

CMS is an English acronym for Content Management System. Most sites are now being created on such systems. Web developers call these systems engines or platforms. They provide a special interface for creating web pages and placing HTML, CSS, Javascript codes there. With the help of these languages, layout designers and web programmers create web pages. Then, with the help of PHP web programmers work on the server side: create databases for registration and authorization of users, admin panels, payment systems and much more.

This method is the most practical in web development. For this reason, most sites are located on CMS systems.

Manual creation

In general, this development method is similar in many respects to the previous one. However, here developers need to create their own platform, not use an already ready-made one. This process is quite a long one, but later on it will be much easier to place a website on a self-written engine, because there is no need to create a personal user account. In addition, the developers adjust the entire interface of the system to suit themselves.

This method is also used by not few users. Most of them prefer to place the resource on a self-written platform in order to secure the site, and to be able to more comfortably administer it.

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